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Are you pregnant?

You have probably planned for your birth and the arrival of your baby.

A new little person is coming into your family.

You’re  probably  a mixture of excited, scared and looking forward to meeting him or her. You are going to be a New Mum. A life-changing time for you.

What about after the birth and beyond?

Have you planned for after the birth as a new mum?

Many new mums feel exhausted, overwhelmed, lonely  and sleep deprived. Who’s  going  to take care of you during  this intensive and life changing time, so you can rest and recover from the birth and get to know your baby?

“Birth isn’t just about making babies. It’s about making mums too. The birth of a mother can be even more intense than childbirth.”

Julia - Newborn  Mothers.

About Me

Hi. I’m Libby. I live near Castlemaine in central Victoria. I’m a postnatal doula. I’m also a massage therapist and infant massage instructor and incorporate these and much more  into my postnatal services. I support new mums after birth, so  they  feel  nurtured, listened to and loved. I want all new mums to have the best start to motherhood possible. Nurturing new families is important for the whole community. I believe raising a human being is one of the hardest and most important ‘jobs’ in the world.


As the African proverb says: It takes a village to raise a child.


My passion is to help and support new mums during their postpartum and beyond.

I want this time to be nurturing, restful and joyous for you.

The Postnatal time is a sacred window for you and your baby to get to know and bond with each other. To get your balance and harmony back, with the support you need.

I work with new mums in Central Victoria after the birth of their baby  who want to avoid feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. I support  them during  postpartum, so they feel nurtured , listened to and loved. At this sacred and precious time, I help new mums adapt to motherhood and gain confidence to mother their way.

Nurturing support during postpartum has ongoing benefits for the mother for many years to come. I run regular post-birth planning classes for expectant parents. I also offer  postnatal  packages,  which  include care and support for physical and emotional recovery from  birth, cooking meals, support for partners and siblings, massage, belly binding, village building, and more.

Before the birth, we talk about your concerns and vision for after the birth and we  will work out a postpartum plan to suit you and your family together.

I want your transition to motherhood to be a time of nurturing and love.

Book into one of my post-birth planning classes (click here).


I share some of my post-birth knowledge in my classes for expectant couples.

*Find out why new mothers feel exhausted and overwhelmed and, more importantly, 

what to do about it?


*I’ll share some practical ways to get more sleep, support  and  confidence  as a new mum.

*Learn a little about how ancient  cultures do postpartum and a little postnatal science, too.

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