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Postpartum Massage


The first 40 days after birth is a special time for both mother and baby.  Also known as the fourth trimester, it’s a time for the baby to adjust to being earth side and the new mother to rest and recover from the birth, so she feels rejuvenated after her effort of growing and birthing her baby.

In traditional cultures, like India and Morocco, new mothers are given a regular or daily postpartum massage to help them recover from the birth and are a much-needed time for her to be nurtured.


Benefits of postpartum massages:

*Helps to relieve back, neck, shoulder and arm soreness, due to carrying and breastfeeding your new baby.


*Time for you to get pampered.

*Helps postpartum recovery.

*Supports muscle and tissue healing and helps  your body return to its pre-pregnancy state.

*Relaxing and brings harmony to your body, mind and emotions.

As it’s best to rest and recover at home for 30-40 days after birth, I come to you and do in-home postpartum massage. I offer this service for 3 months after birth, but is most beneficial in the first 40 days postpartum.

When giving a postpartum massage, I use slow, relaxing strokes which are soothing and nurturing for new mothers. I will make you comfortable with pillows and positioning and use warm oil to help recovery and healing.  Postpartum massage helps you feel pampered and rejuvenated.

I offer in home postpartum massage packages of 3 or 6 massages (or I can tailor a massage package to your needs).

*Small surcharge for distance more than 15km from Castlemaine, Victoria.

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