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Book in to one of my post-birth planning classes for expectant couples.

*Find out why new mothers feel exhausted and overwhelmed and, more importantly, what to do about it.

*Learn about how other cultures care for new mums and how you can use this for your postpartum.

*Find out how to feel confident as a new mum and get the support you need and deserve.

I’m Libby and I work with Central Victorian families after birth and beyond who want to avoid feeling exhausted and overwhelmed and instead feel nurtured, confident, listened to and loved. I want all new mums to have the best start to Motherhood possible.

At my post-birth planning classes, I’ll share what I have learnt with you, so your postpartum will be one of love, support and harmony.

Post-Birth Classes

Book in to one of my classes

held in Castlemaine


Small classes

Bookings essential

Click here to book

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