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The A-Z of Postpartum (series)

The Q-T of postpartum.

Q is for Queen.

Mothers who have recently given birth should be treated like a queen.

When I say queen, I mean to honour and care for her because she has grown and given birth to her baby. Bring her food, massage her, bring her gifts (not just for the baby), run her a bath, care for her baby while she naps and tell her what a wonderful job she's doing as a mother.

R is for rest and recover.

Giving birth is sometimes compared to running a marathon. Both birth and running a marathon leave you exhausted. However, after a marathon, you get to rest. Whereas, after giving birth, you not only feel exhausted, sore and hungry, but have a tiny baby to feed and take care of too.

New mothers need to rest so they have energy to recover, both physically and mentally. You need someone, or better still a village to feed and care for you while you rest and recover after the birth.

S is for sleep and support.

Sleep is something all mothers want more of, especially those who have a new baby who doesn't understand night from day and wants to be fed often and held and sleep on you in those early days. After birth and during the first weeks and months afterwards, you need support from your village so you can get some sleep so you can care for your baby.

T is for time.

All mothers need and deserve to give themselves 40 days after birth to rest and be cared for, nourished and nurtured by others after birth. I believe it should be a given, like in many other cultures around the world.

The time after birth is important for a mother's present and future health and happiness.

Would you like to be cared for after birth? I support new mothers in Castlemane and surrounds to get the rest, confidence and love they need after birth. Email me to find out how I can support you as a post birth doula.

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