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The value of postpartum support.

So, what is the value of postpartum support? Good question. The value of postpartum support is many reasons, but for me, the most important/ first one that comes to mind is caring for mother's present and future physical, emotional and mental health. This is important for all of us.

"If you want to know how civilized a culture is, look at how they treat it's women" - Bacha Khan.

When mothers receive emotional, physical and mental health support and care from their community of family. friends and professionals after the arrival of their baby, they can rest and heal from their pregnancy, birth and caring for their new baby. They particularly need intensive support for the first 40 days after birth for their future health, then ongoing support for at least 12 months after. I believe all mothers need and deserve this mother care.

In cultures around the world, mothers are supported and cared for after birth by their village, usually women in their family and sometimes other hired care too. This includes rituals and ceremony, as well as an understanding of the importance of supporting and caring for new mothers for recovery after birthing their baby. In our western culture, sadly this has been forgotten and lost, but it's slowly returning and being wanted and valued by modern mothers, their families and community.

My wish is that in 5 years time or sooner would be fine, every mother will receive support, care and love from her community or village in modern western cultures, like they do in ancient cultures. I want all new mothers (1st or 5th baby) to receive emotional support from someone who asks how she is, not just the baby and listens to her answer, physical support from nurturing postpartum massages and others doing the housework and cooking, mental health care if and when she needs it so she feels loved and returns to good health so she can be the mother she wants to be on her transition to motherhood or matrescense. I look forward to when our society values mothers and understand the short and long term value of supporting mothers after birth and mothers expect and invest in postpartum support as a matter of course.

I'm a postpartum doula. I support mothers after birth in Castlemaine and surrounds to get the mother- care, love, health and community they need and deserve. Contact me to chat or book a free consultation with me. Libby

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