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Tips for a peaceful postpartum.

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

I'm a postpartum doula. I support mothers after birth to get the rest, care, confidence and community they need and deserve. Here are my

5 tips for you to have a peaceful postpartum.

Tip #1 - Plan your postpartum while you're pregnant.

Yes, just as you plan for your birth, plan your postpartum too.

Plan to get food, care, support and love from your community,

so you can rest, heal and get to know your baby.

Download my free postpartum planning worksheet on my website.

Tip #2- Build your village.

You need a village or community to support you after birth and the best time to start is while you're pregnant. Build your village with family, friends, neighbours, people in your prenatal yoga class and professionals. The sooner you start, the more time you have to build your village to support you.

It takes a village to support a child (and mother) is true.

Tip #3 - Ask for help.

Sometimes women aren't very good at asking for help because they're used to looking after and putting others first. But...If there's ever a time to ask for help, postpartum is that time. Decide what you need and want and who to ask to do it.

Tip #4- Have a freezer full of meals before birth.

While you're pregnant, batch cook your favourite healthy meals and freeze for when you're hungry, exhausted and holding your baby. Even better if a friend or friends cook

with you so you have company. Ask people to cook warm, home-cooked meals for your family after birth too.

Tip #5 - Rest.

Rest is so important after your baby arrives.You need to rest so you can care for your baby day and night. Rest while your baby naps, whether that's having a nap too or meditating or listening to music or a podcast. Ask a friend, family member or your postpartum doula to hold your baby while you nap.

Remember, start to plan your postpartum in your 2nd trimester of pregnancy, Contact me to book a free consultation or postpartum planning session in your home with me.

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