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10 reasons to hire a postpartum doula.

As a postpartum doula, I support and care for new mothers after birth.

1. A postpartum doula will mother you, not just hold your baby.

I can feed you, nurture you and tuck you into bed for a nap.

2. A postpartum doula is interested in how YOU are.

Who else asks 'How are you?' and listens to your answer. I will.

3. A postpartum doula has other skills to support you after birth.

I'm also a massage therapist and infant massage instructor.

4. A postpartum doula is non-judgemental about your parenting choices.

I share information with you about motherhood, parenting and baby-related

topics and guide you to mother your baby your way.

5. A postpartum doula is a professional and will share her knowledge about

postpartum specific foods, products and information to help you heal after

birth. I give you physical and emotional support and care.

6. A postpartum doula will do what you need or want most that day so you can

rest, bond with your baby and enjoy your postpartum.

7. A postpartum doula supports you and your family to adjust to the newest

member. I care for the whole family during this sacred and special time.

8. A postpartum doula is there for you and listens to your challenges that week.

We work together to find the best solution for you, be that trying different

things, talking it through or refer you to another professional.

9. You can never have enough postpartum support.

Whether your family lives close by or far away, you and your partner (if you

have one) both need a whole village of support to care for you, while you care

for your new baby. A postpartum doula can be a valuable part of your village.

10. We want you to get enough rest, eat nourishing food and enjoy your

postpartum. I'm passionate about new mothers getting the support they need.

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