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Postpartum food

In traditional cultures around the world, a new mother's village cooks for her and her family for 30-40 days after birth. A new mother needs nourishing food to give her needed nutrients and energy to help her recover and heal after the birth and build her strength back, so she can feed and care for her baby, over the lonely and exhausting long days and nights of postpartum. As a new mum, you need a village to cook and care for you too. Warm, oily, simple and moist foods are best. Eat cooked, homemade food as often as you can. Cooking and freezing meals while you're pregnant, to eat postpartum is okay some of the time. A new mum should have food cooked for her.

When family, friends or any one else asks what they can do after your baby arrives, ask them to cook you a meal and accept graciously. Start with foods like soups and stews that are easy for you to digest. If you have a favourite meal, ask someone to cook you that. Eating what you enjoy and tastes good is important too. So have that comfort food that makes you smile. Remember to drink plenty of water or tea and keep it next to you while sitting for many hours feeding and holding your baby.

As a postpartum doula, I love to cook meals and snacks for new mothers in their home. We choose the food she would like me to cook for her during her next postpartum support visit. Usually there is enough for her to eat for a few days or put in the freezer for later. I can also chop vegetables or prepare or meal, ready for her partner or someone else to cook or put in the oven for dinner.

Cooking food is one of the two things new mothers want me to do most during in-home support visits. The other one is being given nurturing postpartum massages. As a new mother, you can have both during your postpartum support visits with me. Nourishing food and nurturing massage in your home.

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