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Postpartum support is an investment in you & your family

You invest a lot of time and effort into getting the right bank loan and choosing the car or house that suits your family, so when you're expecting a baby surely it's worth the same if not more of your time, effort and investment to get the support and care you and your family need at this special and important time in your life.

Postpartum support is an investment in the mother's health.

Your physical, emotional and mental health is important.

There's a saying: "40 days for 40 years", meaning that the 40 days of rest and rejuvenation after birth has a significant impact on the next 40 years of a woman's life. If a woman receives good support and care during this time, it can heal chronic conditions, but if women are not cared for after birth they can have physical, emotional or mental health problems.

Postpartum support is an investment in your new baby's health too.

When a mother has good support after birth, she can get to know and bond with her baby and learn to breastfeed, while her village feeds and cares for her and her family, does the housework and anything else she needs to have a restful, loving and healthy postpartum. This is turn allows her baby to learn to breastfeed, get to know his or her mother and get used to being outside the womb while being close to their mother, so they feel safe, secure and loved.

Postpartum support is an investment for your whole family.

Educating yourself about planning and setting up postpartum support and care is an investment for your whole family, not only during the first 40 days after birth , but for the months and years into the future. When you, your partner and older children if you have them have the support you need adding a new member to your family goes more smoothly. This may be friends bringing you food, hiring a cleaner and/or postpartum doula.

Postpartum support is not a luxury. It's an investment in your and your family's health, happiness and future. The first weeks and months are hard. Mothers need and deserve all the postpartum support they can get. You can never have enough support said no one. You won't either.

I support mothers after birth in Castlemaine and surrounds.

To find out more how I can support you during your postpartum, contact me and we can work together so you have the support and care you need and deserve.

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