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The A-Z of Postpartum

A-D of postpartum

A is for Ask for help.

Mothers need practical help after birth from their community. Ask for help (be brave) from family and friends and accept help when it's offered to you. You're not meant to mother alone. Ask people to bring your family a meal, so you don't need to cook for for a month or longer. Ask your mum, girlfriend, or sister to put a load of washing on, do some shopping for you or care for your older children for a few hours while you rest and have a break.

B is for Bonding and breastfeeding.

Mothers need time and space to bond with and learn how to breastfeed their baby. You and your baby need to get to know each other, while others do everything else. Oxytocin, the love hormone will help you to bond and breastfeed.

C is for care and cuddles.

Mothers need to be cared for by a village after birth, so they can have lots of cuddles with their baby while they rest and recover from the birth. Your mother, sister, friend, postpartum doula and/or partner can care for you by cooking you food, hanging out or folding washing, or walking the dog.

D is for Dads.

Dads or other partners are an important part of a mother's support and care after birth. They can prepare or heat dinner, make sure you have snacks and drinks when you breastfeed, tell you you're doing a great job and much more.

You will both need support for the first six weeks after your baby arrives as you'll be sleep deprived. You're not meant to parent alone.

Would you like to know how I can support and care for you after birth?

I'm a post birth doula. I support mothers in Castlemaine and surrounds to get the rest, care and confidence they need after their baby arrives. Contact me to talk and we can work together to plan your postpartum.

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