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The A-Z of Postpartum (Series)

The I-L of postpartum.

I is for Isolation.

Mothers often feel isolated and alone after birth. This is not how it's meant to be postpartum. After you have a new baby, you need people you know and trust around you to care for you and keep you company while you laugh, cry and learn to breastfeed. People who will listen to your thoughts and concerns on your transition to motherhood. This may be your mum, sister, girlfriend or postpartum doula.

J is for Joy.

'A feeling of great pleasure and happiness. Emotionally satisfying.'

My postpartum doula training teacher says new mothers should do what brings them peace and joy. This is what I say to my postpartum mothers. Joy as a new mum (1st or 5th baby) may be cuddling your baby, sitting or a gentle walk in the sunshine, eating your favourite food or listening to music. Doing things that bring you joy will help you enjoy your postpartum.

K is for Kids and kind.

If you have older children, prepare them for having a new baby by reading books to them and talking about babies and being a big brother or sister. Show them photos of when they were a baby and visit friends or family with a baby before your baby arrives. Ask someone to care for your older kids for a couple of hours while you have a nap.

Be Kind to yourself.

Allow others to care for you for 30-40 days after giving birth so you can rest and recover from birthing your baby.

L is for love.

What do you love?

Perhaps you love sunsets and stars? Or you pet.

Do you love a flower or colour? Do you love a song? Do you love to have a bath?

Love yourself by doing and surrounding yourself with sounds, sights, people, colours and things you love during your postpartum and beyond.

Would you like to find out how I can support and care for you postpartum?

I support mothers after birth to feel cared for, confident, nurtured and nourished in Castlemaine and surrounds. Email me to find out more.

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