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The A-Z of Postpartum (Series)

The U-Z of postpartum:

U is for useful and underwear.

What is REALLY useful and needed after your baby arrives?

Of course, this will be different for everyone, but babies don't need much in those early weeks. Some milk in their belly, somewhere to sleep (probably on or near you), nappies and clothes to wear. On the other hand mothers need and deserve specific nourishing food, warmth, wise women to care for them, other people to do do the housework and chores while she rests and recovers and plenty of postpartum underwear after giving birth.

V is for village.

It takes a village to raise a child. You have probably heard this before.

It takes a village to raise a child AND a mother. Mothers need a village to care for them during their postpartum (and ongoing), so they can rest, recover and care for their baby. If you know a new mother, be part of her village. Take her a meal.

W is for warmth.

Warmth is one of the postpartum pillars or needs.

After giving birth, mothers need to stay warm. They need to keep their feet and head warm, so buy some warm socks. They need to eat warm food and drinks, wear warm clothes, have warm oil massages and rug up if it's cold outside.

X is for kissing your baby.

Your baby smells so good, you want to kiss them all over. Kissing your baby helps to increase their immune system and you and your baby to bond with each other.

Hold, cuddle and kiss your baby.

Y is for yes.

If someone offers to help you after your baby arrives, say yes. You need to know what you need and who to ask to do what. When someone offers you help postpartum, can they bring you a meal, walk the dog, or wash dishes/do other chores? (Of course, you can say no too)

Z is for zzzzzzzzz.

Getting some zzzzzz's is important after birth. Ask someone, or better still, a few people to help you to get some sleep during the day by holding your baby and/or caring for older children while you sleep, so you can care for your baby at night.

I care for mothers after birth in Castlemaine and surrounds, so they get the rest, support, confidence and love they need and deserve. Contact me to find out more and book a consultation with me.

Mothercare professional/doula Libby.

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