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The AZ of Postpartum: E-H of postpartum.

E is for encouragement.

Mothers who have recently given birth, whether for the first or fifth time need lots of encouragement while adjusting to motherhood, learning to mother their baby, learning to breastfeed and all the new things on their mothering journey with this particular baby and after this birth and postpartum experience. If you know someone who's recently had a baby, tell her what a good job she's doing, and what a great mum she is when you call or visit her. Every mother needs a village of support.

F is for food.

Mothers need nourishing food after giving birth to help them heal and recover from birth. This includes meals, drinks and snacks to give them energy to care for and feed their baby. Food needs to be warm, have good fats, be easy to digest and of course delicious. A new mother needs to rest while others cook for her.

G is for groceries and gatekeeper.

When someone asks what they can do for you after your baby arrives, ask them to pick up groceries for you on the way to your house, or just get them to get essentials like bread, milk and a coffee for you.

A gatekeeper is someone who makes sure your wishes, choices and boundaries during postpartum in your home are respected and protected. This is usually your partner, but may be anyone you know and trust. It can be your mum or postpartum doula.

H is for heat.

After birth, mothers have lost a lot of heat from their body. They have given birth to their baby, lost blood and other fluids and the placenta. The mother needs this heat to be replaced by being in a warm home and wearing warm clothes (weather dependent), food, baths and postpartum massages.

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