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What do I do as a Postnatal Doula?

Becoming a mother is transformational. It’s both joyous and exhausting. It’s a life changing time in your life. Many new Mothers feel isolated and overwhelmed after birth. As a Postnatal doula, I support new Mothers after birth and help you to enjoy your transition to Motherhood.

I Mother and care for you after the birth, so you can rest and get to know your baby. I support and guide you to have the confidence to Mother your way and be the Mother you want to be.

A Postnatal doula supporting a new Mother

Care is tailored to your needs, which we talk about in your home during your pregnancy.

What does your postpartum look and feel like for you and how can we work together to achieve that? Is this your first baby? Do you have other children? What other support do you have?

Every Postpartum doula has different skills, knowledge, etc. We all give physical and emotional support to new Mothers. We nurture and nourish you, so you can adjust to and enjoy your transition to Motherhood with the support you need and deserve.

These are some of the ways I support new Mothers:

*Provide emotional support, so you can talk about your challenges and joys as a new Mother.

*Listen and guide you to have the confidence to mother your way on your transition to motherhood

*Cook nourishing and healing meals for you, to help you recover from the birth and breastfeed.

*Help you make regular pockets of time for things that bring you peace and joy.

*Postpartum massages to soothe your sore shoulders, arms and back.

*Care for your baby while you nap and shower.

*Care for older sibling/s while you feed/nap with your baby.

*I help older siblings and your partner adjust to life with a baby and suggest ways for your partner to support you and bond with your baby.

*I give you resources if and when you need them.

*Light housework: Fold and/or hang out washing, wash dishes, change sheets, tidying.

*I teach infant massage to help you bond with your baby, colic and learn infant cues (tired/hungry).

*Provide physical support for rest, recovery and healing for you: Healing baths, postpartum teas, belly binding, and more.

*I help you to build your village. You aren’t meant to do postpartum or parent alone.

*Work with you so you can ask for help and have regular pockets of time for you.

*I talk about and help you and your partner decide about timing and numbers of visitors and how to protect your rest and recovery by not being overwhelmed by them, whatever that feels like for you.

**I'm Libby. I support new Mothers after birth and run Postnatal planning workshops in Castlemaine for expecting parents. Come and learn how to plan your Postpartum.

To learn more and book, simply leave your details on my website.

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