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What's a postpartum doula & should you hire one?

Updated: Apr 17, 2022

What's a postpartum doula?

A postpartum doula supports mothers after the birth of their baby. Their focus is caring for the mother so she can rest and recover from the birth. This may be holding the baby while she naps and showers, caring for older children, bringing her snacks and drinks while she breastfeeds, cooking food or giving the mother a postpartum massage. A postpartum doula cares for your physical, emotional and mental health needs. A postpartum doula will help you to heal after giving birth and provide resources as needed.

Who should hire a postpartum doula?

Every mother/parent who are expecting will benefit from hiring a postpartum doula. First or fifth time mothers benefit, and mothers who had a caesarean and need extra support too. I find that second time mothers understand the benefits of investing in hiring a postpartum doula after their first postpartum and wish they had hired one then. Hiring a postpartum doula is beneficial for you and your family.

When should you hire a postpartum doula?

I believe you will get the most benefit from hiring a postpartum doula before your baby arrives, so you and your doula can talk about the postpartum you want and plan the support and care you need after your baby arrives. Then you have your postpartum support (village) in place before the birth. Of course, a postpartum doula can support you if you find us after birth too.

How do I support mothers after birth?

I support mothers after birth to feel rested, confident and cared for.

My focus is caring for the mother, so she can care for and bond with her baby.

My services include:

In-home postpartum support visits.

In-home pregnancy and postpartum massages.

Cooking nutritious and delicious food.

Supporting and caring for your physical, emotional and mental heath.

Working with you to plan the postpartum you want.

I support mothers after birth in Castlemaine and surrounds. Contact me to talk about how we can work together and how I can support you postpartum.

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