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Why I am a postpartum doula:

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

I am a postpartum doula because I know it makes a difference to new mothers, their families and communities. It’s important that new mothers receive the support and care they need and deserve, after the effort of carrying and birthing a baby. Postpartum support by a doula is mother-focused and I am there firstly for her, but I support the whole family during this special time.

With Postpartum support, new mothers /parents have time to bond with and get to know their new baby and make memories as a new family because their village-or community is taking care of them by bringing them meals, doing chores, caring for older siblings etc.

As a postpartum doula, I support you as you welcome your new baby into your family, so you can enjoy them. I want you to thrive as a new mother, not just survive. In cultures where postpartum support is a given, there is less postnatal depression. I am a postpartum doula because I believe mothering is valuable to all of us. After all, none of us would be here without our mother. They are the centre of their family and our communities. They deserve to be valued and supported, especially after giving birth. I enjoy cooking nourishing food, nurturing new mothers with postpartum massages and supporting the whole family to adjust to the new family member.

I became a postpartum doula because I want all new mothers to have the support they need and is a right in many traditional cultures for 30-40 days for women after giving birth. When I read about this, I knew I had found what I wanted to do and be. I wanted to help make that happen for new mothers in the area where I live. I became a postpartum doula so I can support new mothers and their families during this sacred and life-transforming time in their lives. I wanted to support new mothers so that their transition to motherhood is easier and more enjoyable.

As a postpartum doula, I talk about changes to your life and your relationships after you become a mum, whether for the first or fifth time. Preparing for postpartum is as important as birth preparation. Maybe more, as it lasts a lot longer than birth. You have a baby, not just a birth.

You can’t have too much postpartum support, even with family supporting you. Often, new mothers don’t live near their families and so need to find a village to do what family once did.

I have seen many women become new mothers -from my seven sisters to a mother and her family I was nanny for 7 years as they grew their family. Looking back, as I cooked meals, washed and folded clothes and cared for the baby and older sibling, that was where my doula journey started. She told me how valuable my support was to her after the birth of her second baby.

New mum in bed with her babies

Mothers are the centre of the family and when she is supported, so is the whole family.

I want to support the whole family-The Mother, partner and older siblings get to know and get used to this new little member of their family. This is an honour and joy to see. Supporting them in becoming a family for the first time, or adjusting to family dynamics and change.

I love to see new mothers/ parents get the confidence to mother their baby their way. Whether it’s their 1st baby, or 5th. Each baby is different and unique.

I enjoy cooking nourishing snacks and meals for new mothers and/or meals for the whole family. Nourishing food is such an important part of postpartum healing and recovery. I love to nature new mothers with postpartum massages, to soothe sore muscles and give them time for themselves.

I enjoy giving new mothers the chance to sleep, shower, or just have a break, while I hold their baby (I love a baby snuggle: Oxytocin hit). One of my favourite things is to make both of us a cuppa and listen to her mothering journey, joys and concerns, often while I cook or fold washing.

I like to leave mama and baby asleep in bed, both fed, and mother feeling nurtured, nourished, supported and loved up with Oxytocin, peace and joy.

My aim is to do myself out of a ‘job’ by leaving new mothers with a village to support them and feeling confident to mother her baby her way, rejuvenated after resting and bonding with her baby, ready to continue her mothering journey.

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